Arlington, Virginia — 1/21/2020

Approach to the 14th Street Bridge on the Virginia side.  Vehicles are from the Virginia State Police and the Arlington County Police Department.  What do they care who crosses into DC?  Presumably, a favor being done for Democrat friends across the river.

Approach to the Arlington Memorial Bridge.  Behind the National Guard and garbage trucks, the bridge is closed solid with a cement barrier and fencing, with a U.S. Park Police car showing who is in charge.  The Guard have no authority here, and their weapons are unloaded.  It's just for the intimidation factor.

Armored Humvee with (empty) machinegun turret at the Memorial Bridge.

It's total overkill.  Nothing short of a large truck at speed (hard to do at this roundabout) is likely to move through that cement barrier in the background, and the Guard can't stop anything anyway, their weapons are not even loaded.  THERE SHOULD BE A LAW TO PROHIBIT USING THE MILITARY AS PROPS LIKE THIS.

This National Guard detachment made me feel good about myself.  Some of these guys are in bad shape.

Loudon County, Virginia sheriff's deputies guarding the on-ramp to the Roosevelt Bridge.  (A favor from Governor Northam, I assume.)  They were very nice, but after 20+ photos, trying to find a way to avoid the sun's glare, I overstayed my brief welcome and had to leave in a hurry.

Outside Rosslyn metro station in Arlington, Virginia, near the river.  The Guard presence here is ridiculous.  Just a few teenage privates with unloaded weapons, no authority to detain anyone.  The metro system police here are enough.  No one is riding metro today, anyway.  (Downtown DC stations are closed.)  THERE SHOULD BE A LAW TO PROHIBIT USING THE MILITARY AS PROPS LIKE THIS.

Near Rosslyn station.  I see Atlanta, Georgia is so safe and peaceful that they felt comfortable loaning at least two Airport K-9 SUV's to help Arlington, Virginia with its extensive, deep-rooted MAGA terrorism problem.


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